Welcome to VEDOKT

The VEDOKT advanced analytics group —  a best-in-class team of marketing scientists, research methodologists, mathematicians and statisticians – gets started long before the data comes in, providing you with advanced research design, analytical methods and consulting-oriented problem solving.
At VEDOKT , our mission is to maximize your return on research investment by opening doors to new opportunity. VEDOKT analysis focuses on the strategic and tactical implications of the research findings. Research reports are tailored to meet client needs at all levels, ranging from presentation decks summarizing key findings to in-depth analysis that details how conclusions are reached. In all presentations, the focus is on the next steps and how to make to turn the research findings into action.

Having innovative approach in research design, analysis and interpretation, VEDOKT Advanced Analytics group brings a keen understanding of research methods and their application to business decision-making.
By in adapting sophisticated methodologies and scientific techniques for commercial use, our team utilizes a variety of advanced analytical techniques including:

  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint and Choice Modeling
  • Demand Forecasting and Modeling
  • Factor Analysis
  • Perceptual Modeling
  • Price Testing and Optimization
  • Regression Analysis

It’s a unique approach led by an experienced team to guarantee your conclusions will be insightful, actionable and supported by data that starts at the beginning of your study.