Social Research

Social Research

Projects that can be conducted by VEDOKT team range from small-scale fast turnaround surveys in response to immediate policy needs, through to large-scale, long term evaluations of major government programmes. When it is of benefit to our clients we work in collaboration with other organizations and academic partners.
With our rich academic and consulting expertise and experiences, we can deliver a variety of social surveys using contemporary and innovative research methodologies and research tools. 
We can design studies that are appropriate to different individuals, and which answer key policy questions:
 How  can services be improved
– What help and advice do people need, and what are the difficulties that they face
– How can we help our clients to take meaningful decision?


We deliver wide range of impact assessments including social impact assessment for developmental projects, plans, schemes and programs related to various sectors. Major service offerings in this area include the following:

  1. Social impact assessment
  2. Poverty impact assessment
  3. Gender impact assessment
  4. Health impact assessment
  5. Disasters and risk impact assessment
  6. Government policy impact assessment

As consulting in public services and social science is ever changing and developing, our team of consultants continuously works on specific issues to understand the current practices and requirements.